The Leading Women’s Alliance

The Leading Women’s Alliance is an alliance of leadership and academic organisations (ASCL, The Future Leaders Trust, UCL/IoE and #WomenEd) and schools (Mulberry School for Girls and Hackney Teaching School).

We came together to plan and deliver the Leading Women to Headship Summit in January 2016. The Pledge was initiated by The Leading Women’s Alliance and further developed by over 100 female delegates from across the education sector at the Summit.

The Pledge

The Pledge forms the cornerstone of our Leading Women to Headship Strategic Plan which includes:

  1. Disseminating and implementing the Leading Women to Headship Pledge across schools, governing boards/recruitment panels, leadership organisations and government in order to counteract factors that may deter or prevent women from becoming heads, and to support authentic leadership for women in headship.
  1. Using an emerging network of women considering headship/executive headship to be matched with experienced, serving women headteachers who will coach and mentor them
  1. Delivering a professional development framework made up of programmes for the following groups:
  • governing boards/interview panels – to challenge gender inequity through unconscious bias;
  • aspiring women leaders – to enable them to approach headship with confidence, a secure knowledge and skills base and a national peer network;
  • new women heads in their first year of headship.
  1. Using our pool of researchers, speakers and facilitators to research and report on intervention strategies that effectively change inequity in school leadership.

Sign the Pledge now.



One thought on “About

  1. I think we are going to have a severe shortage of heads of any gender in the near future. As a recently retired female head of a primary school, I am more concerned about the lack of good male teachers in the profession.


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